8 Tips to Improve Your WordPress Blog Content

You can execute a perfect SEO strategy, spend a million dollars on Facebook advertising, and have ten million Twitter followers, but if you’re content isn’t good your readers won’t stick around and you’ll never build an audience.

If your writing isn’t as good as you’d like it to be, you shouldn’t worry. All bloggers get better over time, and there are tons of tips and tricks you can learn to improve your blogging skills.

These Tips will help you improve your Wordpress blog content and get more traffic to your site.

1. It’s Not About You

Even if you’re blogging about your most personal thoughts and feelings, your posts should never be all about you. In order for your readers to feel engaged by your WordPress blog, you need to put them at the center of everything you post.

Make sure that your post always benefits your reader in some way. It might teach them something new or enable them to imagine an experience they’ve never had. Figure out what they want, and give it to them every single time.

2. Be Honest

Make sure that your headlines are accurate. No one wants to feel tricked into reading anything. Similarly, be sure that your links are accurate. You want your audience to trust you, right?

3. Get A Writing Buddy

Posts riddled with spelling and grammatical errors may do much more than aggravate your readers. Having too many of them might cause your audience to lose respect for you.

Proofing your own writing can be tough, so many WordPress bloggers benefit from having a writing buddy. Find someone else who writes as often as you do, and arrange to proof each other’s work.


Keep It Short and Simple – or, KISS. This quick trick will help you craft valuable content that your readers will love again and again. Just deliver value, and leave the gimmicks alone.

5. Don’t Try To Be Everything To Everyone

No one expects you to know everything, and it’s never a good idea to confuse your readers. With that said, if you aren’t knowledgeable enough about an idea to explain it clearly, then it’s better to link to another writer who can.

Your readers trust you to give them valuable guidance, and there’s no shame in admitting it when you’re not the best person for the job. In fact, your audience will probably thank you for it.

6. Use Creative Titles

Odds are that your audience doesn’t read your site, they scan it. Anything you can do to catch their eye will help you keep their attention.

One of the best ways to keep traffic on your site for longer is to give your posts intriguing headlines. To learn how to write good headlines, be aware of the type of articles you click on. What was the last blog post you read? What ignites your curiosity?

7. Keep It Classy

Being friendly with your readers is a good idea, as they want to feel like you’re a human and not a computer. However, being overly negative or crude can turn readers off of your WordPress blog.

Avoid using too many slang or curse words. Also, always warn your audience when a post is NSFW.

8. Put Your Best Foot Forward

No matter how great your content is, no one is going to want to read it if your site doesn’t look professional. Fortunately, creating a great looking WordPress site is easy enough for basically anyone to do.

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